See it before you build it with 3D Pre-Visualization

Sketch-Up is a quick way to show your clients exactly what you’re thinking. It’s software that creates, modifies and shares 3-D models, and we’re Sketch-Up experts. With it, we create 3-D models of props, displays and complete stage designs. Elements can be refined and problems solved long before construction begins, saving you time and money. When the design is ready, we can color renderings and animated fly-throughs for use in presentations to your client.

Sketch Up

Why Use 3D Pre-Viz?

  • • See your project, before you build it.
  • • Design revisions can be made quickly.
  • • Plan camera shots with animated fly-throughs.
  • • Present your design in full-color renderings.

Here are a few samples of SketchUp models and animated
fly-throughs created for Scenic Mercenary projects. What can
we build for you?

Bus Stop - from Stanley Tools Racing

Right click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

Multi Set Stage - from CEMM 2008

Right click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

TVOne Stage

ARCADIS Officer Meeting

FirstBank Video Set

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Use the free SketchUp Viewer to view and print models created in SketchUp. Your team can use the SketchUp Viewer to review designs sent via email or upload to a shared location on the internet.